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Franchise Opportunity

About the Franchise

Figaro’s is first and foremost about family and community. Since 1981, our stores have provided the most popular food – pizza – in its most delicious form – offering ‘flavors that sing’ to busy Moms and Dads and their families, making Mom’s life that much easier – no dishes – no mess – the ultimate comfort food.


And because we are the industry leader in offering both baked as well as ‘take-and-bake’ pizza – and the only folks offering both delivered – your Figaro’s will run circles around the competition. Not one of the top 5 chains offers ‘take-and-bake’, for example. Several tried, but abandoned it, partly because it requires making dough fresh in the store daily. The industry leader in ‘take-and-bake’ won’t bake and won’t deliver. So, your Figaro’s has a number of compelling unique points of differentiation.


Figaro’s Pizza is so delicious, leaner than most pizzas, with only fresh veggies, and with no MSG added, that customers are intensely loyal to us. In a consumer study, 69% of customers exiting our stores told researchers that they ‘never eat pizza anywhere else’! Once you try our signature pizzas, you’ll understand.


Figaro’s Pizza is a proud supporter of H.E.L.P., the Charity, a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit we established to help our communities. Our mission is to support educational organizations which help secure the brightest possible future for children in the communities from which our donations were received. Our vision is a day when our mission can be achieved without requiring contributions from charities such as ours.


H.E.L.P. stands for ‘Helping Education with Love and Pizza., and that’s just what you’ll be doing, day in and day out.




Figaro’s Pizza’s unique selling proposition centers on our food and its value. A Figaro’s Pizza truly has ‘Flavors that Sing ®” because of the ingredients we use and recipes that we follow.


The foundation of all good pizzas is the crust. At Figaro’s Pizza, we make dough fresh daily in our stores using a proprietary blend of components that leads to a crust that bakes up light and crisp both in our stores as well as the customer’s oven at home. And that’s just the beginning.


We take just as much pride in what goes on top. We have a unique blend of fresh sauces. Our red sauce, for example, contains imported extra virgin olive oil. We use only 100% REAL Mozzarella cheese, our vegetables are never canned or frozen, our leaner meats have no filler and none of our pizzas contain MSG. Our pizzas contain no transfat. The distinctive, unique flavors that come from these ingredients are combined in terrific recipes which enhance the superior tastes. All of these factors, plus generous topping portions, leads us to proudly claim that Figaro’s Pizza is – The Best Pizza You Can Have at Home.


Our delicious taste and abundant portions combined with prices at or just below that of the major chain competitors leads the consumer to see that Figaro’s Pizza is a great food value – an important attribute to families (our primary target market).


Figaro’s Pizza is the only national chain company that offers consumers the option of a carry-out or delivered pizza – hot and ready to eat or wrapped and ready to pop into the oven when they want it.


We call this option ‘We Bake or You Bake’ and it is one of the reasons for our success. Take & bake (or ‘you bake’) pizza is very well known and widely accepted in the Pacific Northwest. And you need to look no further than the grocery store frozen food and deli sections to see its rising popularity across the entire United States. Customers love the convenience and taste of hot pizza right from their oven. Right when they want it.


Our take & bake pizzas are prepared on an oven-ready tray. Customers simply preheat the oven, unwrap their pizza and slide it in. The pizza can be cut and even served on the tray. Nothing could be more convenient.


For over 30 years, Figaro’s Pizza has been making pizza and other products consumers love – calzone, salads, breadsticks and more. When you add in an extensive training and support system, you can see that Figaro’s Pizza is a very attractive business opportunity.


Achieve your goals with a product America loves!


Pizza is America’s favorite ethnic food. In fact, 93% of all Americans eat pizza on a regular basis, resulting in a growing industry of over $37 billion. For more than 30 years, the key to Figaro’s Pizza success has been our unique positioning in the marketplace, attention to detail and the quality of our product.


Make a Smart Choice and own your own ‘piece of the pie’.


The time is right. Build equity in your own business instead of working for someone else. Keep the income instead of just a commission or salary. Build your own business! Figaro’s Pizza is a business you will be proud to own. In fact, your family and friends will all want to participate with you in the expansion of the business because it is so much fun and the potential is so clearly visible.


Figaro’s Pizza has just the right franchise opportunity for you.


Regardless of whether you want a single location, multi-unit program or an area development opportunity, we have the franchise program designed just for you. We have many single unit franchise operators while a number of our franchisees have purchased the rights to an area development opportunity, with the responsibility of developing the market with Figaro’s Pizza locations.


A flexible business model to fit your needs.


We have made a considerable investment in time and resources to build a business model that is flexible and is exactly what the consumer demands. And, the best part is, based on our own research, our products are so good that 69% of our customers do not eat pizza anywhere else but at Figaro’s Pizza. That makes for a great combination: A flexible business model and great products. Further, because of our unique concept of ‘Take and Bake,’ we even offer our customers the opportunity to bake their wonderful Figaro’s pizza at home in their own oven whenever they want it.


Single Unit Franchise


This is a business that requires a very modest capital investment. You can own your own Figaro’s Pizza single restaurant franchise ranging from a take and bake only concept, to a dine-in and take-out/delivery location or to one that is just take-out/delivery. The size of your facility will be based on the market and available locations. Our business model for the single unit works in either large or small communities. In fact, many of our locations operate in communities with a population of only 9,000 to 12,000 people. Our menu ranges from a wide assortment of pizzas, calzones, submarine sandwiches, salads, beverages and other delicious Italian food products. Just think. You can own a business with a potentially high impact on you, your family and your lifestyle and all without a large investment on your part.


Multi-Unit Franchise


Many of our franchisees don’t own just one. They own multiple locations in a specific market that enable them to build their own organization and leverage their management resources and skills. Each multi-unit operator has an agreed-upon development schedule for opening the additional locations. The sooner they open, the greater leveragability they have for their advertising dollars and the faster they obtain greater marketing share, which means more customers and higher sales.


Master Franchise


This franchise structure gives you the opportunity to grow an entire territory, to obtain a much larger piece of the pie and be compensated for the productivity and revenues in your territory. In order to qualify, you must be able to acquire (sell), train and support other Figaro’s Pizza individual unit franchisees in your territory. In return for the services and commitment, we share in the revenues from your territory. This is an opportunity to earn significant revenues depending on how quickly you develop your territory.


You don’t need knowledge or previous experience in either the foodservice or franchise industry to be a Figaro’s Pizza Master Franchisee. You just need to make a full commitment to follow our standards and formats for operating our business model. If you are a leader and an achiever, this is a business model for you.


Figaro’s Pizza will provide the training to assist you in learning how to guide your franchisees in:


A) Site Selection
B) Construction Steps
C) Pre-Opening Activities
D) Grand Opening
E) Day-to-Day Operations


Click here for Figaro’s investment information


Franchise Support – Above and Beyond


We support all of our franchisees with an amazing amount of training, tools and services. Our training program is extensive and includes both classroom instruction and on-the-job training:


Some of the topics we cover during training include:

  • Site Selection
  • Pre-Opening
  • Day-to-Day Store Operations
  • Food Preparation
  • Hiring and Training Employees
  • Delivering a Superior Customer
  • Service Experience
  • Ordering Inventory and Supplies
  • Business Management
  • Food Cost Management

Because we are a mature company with over 30 years of history, we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know how to maintain the standards of quality for which our products are known. This is the reputation we have gained, not by accident, but by design. The long-time relationships we have with our vendors are based on their supporting our demands for quality at affordable prices. Once you taste Figaro’s for the first time, you too will understand why we say we have ‘flavors that sing®.’


Our support continues once location(s) are open and operating. Our franchisees are assigned Field Service Representatives whose main objective is to help you generate more revenue and make more profit. They spend time with our franchisees tracking and managing food and labor costs and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our Field Service Representatives are available through both telephone and in-store visits and are invaluable in the operation of our franchisees’ businesses.


Effective marketing and Advertising Strategies and Tools


We know who to target in each market and have created effective consumer-level sales and marketing strategies that generate sales. Our business is based on repeat customers who are loyal and love our product.


All of our locations offer customers ‘Take and Bake’ and either pick up or delivery. Our research has enabled us to develop a crust that will hold its consistency and quality until the time the customer puts their Figaro’s Pizza pizza into their own oven.


A number of our locations offer inside dining and party rooms. We also cater parties, events and even have effective promotions geared for holidays and various special events. The Figaro’s Pizza Marketing Department begins working for you long before your location opens its door for business. They spend time with you, they will assess and research your local promotional opportunities and create consumer awareness strategies.


Local, Regional and National Advertising

Watch and listen to our radio and TV

Grand opening campaigns are designed to create instant brand awareness to bring customers into your Figaro’s Pizza. Every campaign is tailored to your individual market and trading area and features proven advertising tools.

You will have access to professionally designed promotions intended to reinforce our reputation of serving high-quality products. This includes in-store promotional displays as well as glossy newspaper inserts and direct and shared mail pieces Radio and television commercials are also available for you at no cost to assist you in promoting your Figaro’s Pizza business.

World Class Products and a World Class Organization

It is not often that you find this type of combination in a franchise opportunity: A great product and a great organization. Figaro’s Pizza has assembled the best and the brightest people in foodservice, operations and training, marketing, franchising and business management. All of these people have one goal in mind and that is to help make you as successful as possible as a Figaro’s Pizza franchisee. Regardless of whether you own one location, three locations or a large geographic territory, these resources will support you in your own personal goals and ambitions.

We invite you to learn more about our very unique and targeted business opportunity. This is a fun business that caters to almost every American in every market. You will love what you do and have the opportunity to significantly increase your stature, image and future. You will own a business supported by people just like yourself who were tired of working for someone else and making everyone else very wealthy.

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Now is the time to take your assets and resources and turn them into your own business.

A business that is right for you. A business where you can build equity and cash flow for yourself and your family. Not someone else’s business.

It is time to own a slice of the pie and Figaro’s Pizza can help you get there.




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