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Legal documents filed in musty offices in the State Capitol of Oregon confirm that Figaro was born in March, 1981. Since that blessed day, of course, there have been unsubstantiated rumors that he was actually born 400 years earlier, in March, 1581, in the tiny town of Moltodelicioso, Italy, to a family of opera singers. In working on this story, I realized I didn’t have sufficient facts at hand, so I reached out for help. I spoke with Al DeBaker, the original owner of Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Inc. in Salem, Oregon, who proudly showed me the Figaro tattoo on his arm, proclaimed himself to be Figaro’s true father, and insisted he was not born in 1581. Those of you who know Al will likely beg to differ, suggesting Figaro may, in fact, have been born 430 years ago, in 1581. Please help us get these important facts properly recorded once and for all.

Ron Berger, current CEO of Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Inc. comments, “Personally, I’m looking forward to a great big birthday celebration in 2011, in which, all year long, we celebrate and rejoice in our good fortune which has brought us to this point in our lives.”

In 2010, Figaro’s Pizza announced its participation in assisting H.E.L.P., The Charity. H.E.L.P. stands for Helping Education with Love & Pizza, which is a perfect fit for Figaro’s. By supporting the non-profit organization, H.E.L.P., Figaro’s ensures that a portion of each dollar spent at Figaro’s Pizza is donated right back into the community local schools.

Figaro’s is an integral part of the communities they serve. Being exemplary members of our communities is vitally important. For each of us, our local schools and the students who attend them, represent many, if not most, of our most valuable customers. But our schools are in a crisis. The worldwide recession has caused local, state, and federal governments to drastically cut the budgets at schools, with potentially devastating results. If our children, due to lack of teachers, overcrowded classrooms, lack of teacher attention, ill-equipped or un-equipped schools, and so forth, are unable to receive a quality education, they will fall behind children in other countries, potentially weakening our nation’s competitiveness. The situation cries out for help, as it has the very real potential to harm your children and grandchildren, my granddaughter, and the vast majority of your customers.

Founded in 1981, Salem, Oregon-based Figaro’s Pizza has been recognized as “the best pizza you can have at home.” Pizzas can be baked in the restaurant or taken home in oven ready baking trays for home baking. Pizza is also sold by the slice in some stores. There are 4,000 topping combinations to choose from. Dependent upon location, other menu items may include lasagna, sandwiches, calzones, salads and soft drinks. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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