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Figaro’s Pizza is proud to announce their menu item addition of a gluten-free crust and the country’s first gluten-free take & bake alternative. The gluten-free crust attracts a variety of customers. Many choose it due to an allergic reaction to gluten and others because it is a healthier alternative to other crusts. Although Figaro’s are not fully gluten-free environments, this new crust and all toppings (with the exception of the picante bean sauce) are gluten-free.

Many people aren’t really sure what it will taste like and therefore are nervous to order it, however those that have are pleasantly surprised. “It was surprisingly good. I didn’t know what to expect,” says a Figaro’s Pizza customer trying the crust for the first time. It has a good flavor and is very filling.

The gluten-free crust is available in medium and may be purchased as a baked or take & bake product. The crust is thinner than our Original crust, but not as crunchy as our thin. It bakes up very well in both Figaro’s and customers’ ovens.

For more information or to order a gluten-free crust of your own, please contact your local Figaro’s Pizza, or for a listing of all locations go to

Founded in 1981, Salem, Oregon-based Figaro’s Pizza has been recognized as “the best pizza you can have at home.” Pizzas can be baked in the restaurant or taken home in oven ready baking trays for home baking. There are 4,000 topping combinations to choose from. Dependent upon location, other menu items may include lasagna, sandwiches, calzones, salads and soft drinks. For more information, visit the company’s website at Figaro’s Pizza restaurants are not gluten-free establishments.

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