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Owners of the Year Award 2012 – Brenda and Chris Wylie


Having only purchased their Figaro’s franchise a little over 4 years ago, Brenda and Chris Wylie, owners of the Figaro’s Pizza in West Salem are once again chosen as Owners of the Year. (They previously were Owners of the Year in 2010.) They’ve been in the Figaro’s system since 1986 and they’ve worked with multi-unit owners Jim Newman and Ed Wanner. They have been with Figaro’s through many crucial changes from adding ovens for baking to starting delivery. In March, 2008, they purchased the West Salem location, realizing their lifelong dream of owning their own business.

Above all, the Wylie’s believe in customer service and community support. Brenda and Chris are strong believers in marketing their store via consistent door hanging, local marriage mail inserts and direct mail, and working closely with numerous schools and organizations to assist in fundraising and special programs. You could talk to any school representative in West Salem and they’d all be able to give praise to Figaro’s Pizza for their continued support. They’ve taken full advantage of H.E.L.P., The Charity to assist in helping schools in a time when it’s sorely needed.

Brenda and Chris, along with their two sons, Sage and Kahle, who also work the store, highly deserve the “Owners of the Year” award. They are successful owners, proving the importance of community involvement, hard work and dedication, and how these things can really make for a profitable business. Their 2011 net increase over 2010 was +9.8% but even more impressive is their performance in this economy over the long term. Taking the 3 year revenue history of their Figaro’s for 2006, 2007 and 2008 (the year they acquired it), and comparing it to the revenues generated at their store in 2009, 2010 and 2011, their Figaro’s is up 18.667%!!! Their store continues to maintain high standings in the rankings week after week, and if they keep up this trend, they may someday own the top U.S. Figaro’s by revenues! Congratulations to the Wylie’s for this well-deserved achievement!

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